Hampden County Law Enforcement Training Center


Reserve/Intermittent Police Academy


Sheriff Nicholas Cocchi is proud to announce the launch of the Hampden County Law Enforcement Training Center (HCLETC) in Ludlow, Massachusetts, a new home for the MPTC Reserve/Intermittent Police Academy.

Upon graduation of our academy, the student officer will have successfully completed the Municipal Police Training Committee’s prescribed course of study for basic police training, to exercise police powers in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

NEXT ACADEMY START DATE: TBA  (Current Applications/deposits being returned)

DAY & TIMES: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday through the academy start and end dates

TRAINING NOTE: Your program fee INCLUDES firearms certification and First Responder training

HOW TO APPLY: Download the application by clicking HERE or click the “APPLY TODAY” tab to the right

WHY HCLETC?  The Hampden County Sheriff’s Department property has ample parking, large training classrooms, and a large gymnasium for defensive tactics and more.  As stated above, your program fee includes firearms/weapon certification and First Responder training – which makes you more marketable to your department and gets you on the road/on post quicker.

Reserve/Intermittent Police Officers are critical to the community policing efforts of many municipal police departments.  While Deputy Sheriffs, University/College Police and Medical Center/Hospital Public Safety Agencies serve different roles than many local police, their duties often time intertwine as it relates to inmate escape and apprehension, courthouse assistance, traffic details, prisoner transports, hospital security, and more.  In order to perform these duties at the level necessary to keep other law enforcement officers, prisoners and the public safe, extensive training is required.

With many departments lacking sufficient staff to provide the services their citizens expect and many of them feeling the pinch of budget constraints, reserve/intermittent officers are an important asset.

Departments utilize these officers to perform many tasks.  They assist with special events; they work shifts when veteran officers are sick or on vacation; they augment the force in times of crisis; and they perform many other vital functions for the community.


In order to be considered for this Academy, recruit officers must be sponsored by a Chief of Police, Sheriff in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, College, University, and/or Hospital Public Safety Agency. Recruit officers must obtain this sponsorship themselves, and it does not guarantee employment with that or any other agency.

EMPLOYMENT: Sponsorship does not guarantee employment with the sponsoring department or any other agency.

HEALTH INSURANCE:  You will be required to have health insurance to participate. It will be the responsibility of the sponsoring chief to verify insurance coverage as verified in the MPTC application.

REGISTRATION: Download and complete the MPTC Reserve Recruit Officer Application and Waiver and Release (complete it as instructed). Forms should submitted directly to Lt. Wade DuBois of the Hampden County Law Enforcement Training Center, 627 Randall Road, Ludlow, MA 01056 with your tuition deposit and application*.

*Current Sheriff’s Department staff:  Please submit your application directly to Lt. DuBois for Sheriff approval.  Your $500 deposit will be due within 10 days of acceptance.

TUITION: Bank certified check or money order made payable to “The Office of the Sheriff, Hampden County”.


Frequently Asked Questions



Completing the Basic Reserve/Intermittent Police Academy is required before you can work as an Auxiliary, Reserve, Part-time, Special, Intermittent Police Officer.

Currently the training consists of 392 1/2 hours. The classes are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and all day on Saturday.  Classes are offered in Ludlow MA on the grounds of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. A minimum of 32 student officers is needed for a class.

There is a tuition cost involved in the training that is currently at $1800.  Veterans Benefits apply.  Download an application, complete it as instructed, and send a deposit of $500 for tuition with a money order to:

Lt. Wade DuBois
C/O Hampden County LETC
627 Randall Road
Ludlow, MA 01102

Check this site frequently for updates on upcoming training and schedule changes. There is a list of frequently asked question below. If AFTER you have read the FAQ’s and you still have questions, please complete the contact form to contact us.

Application Process

Preparing for the first day of class

Beginning the Basic Reserve/Intermittent Training

Application Process

Q. How do I obtain an application?

Applications can be downloaded HERE or by clicking on the APPLY TODAY tab. BACK

Q. Who is authorized to sign my application?

Only a Sheriff in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Chief of Police, Chief of University/College Police and Medical Center/Hospital Public Safety Agencies can sign your application, any other signature will not be accepted.  BACK

Q. Where do I send the application?

Once your application is approved and signed by the sponsoring Chief of Police, please send your application to the following address:

Lt. Wade DuBois

C/O Hampden County LETC

627 Randall Road

Ludlow, MA 01102

Note a $500. deposit in the form of a Department check or money order made out to the “Office of the Sheriff Hampden County” MUST be attached.  BACK

CURRENT SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT STAFF: Your application must be submitted to Lt. DuBois for Sheriff approval.

Q. Will I be notified of my acceptance into the Basic Reserve/Intermittent training class?

Yes. You will receive an Email confirmation.  from the Coordinator of Training.  This letter will be emailed to the Email address provided on the submitted application.  BACK

Q. What is the cost of the Basic Reserve/Intermittent training course?

The cost of the course is $1800.00. This includes the needed textbooks from Law Enforcment Dimensions. A $500.00 deposit is required to be submitted with your application. The remaining $1300.00 is due the first class. Both payments must be in the form of a money order or a Police Department check. Payment in full MUST be made prior to the officer beginning any training. Both payments  must be made out to the “Office of the Sheriff Hampden County”  BACK

Q. Do you accept cash or personal checks?

No.  The only form of payment accepted is bank check or money order or checks from Police Departments.  No personal checks or cash will be accepted.  BACK

Q. Are there any books or study material(s) that are needed for the program?

Yes.  Currently, the Basic Reserve/Intermittent training class uses the Criminal Procedure manual, Criminal Law manual the Motor Vehicle Law manual published by Law Enforcement Dimensions. Payment for these items is included in your tuition. Those books are yours to keep at the end of the class.  BACK

Q. Do I need medical insurance to attend the training?

Yes.  This question is addresed on your application. Your Chief is responsible for determining if you are insured.  BACK

Q. What must be submitted to be accepted into the Basic Reserve/Intermittent training class?

You must submit the following:

You must also purchase BDU’s, a shirt, pants and belt. Cost for these items is approximately $130.00 (More information to come)  BACK

Q. What is the HCLETC phone number for the Reserve/Intermittent Academy

At the present time we do not have a contact number at that location. Contact us via email at:  wade.dubois@sdh.state.ma.us    BACK

Q. Can I use my Veterans benefits to pay for tuition etc.?

Yes. this program is qualified to be paid for by the GI Bill. The paperwork is available by clicking HERE or on the Veteran’s Benefits tab   BACK

Preparing for the first day of class

Q. Are there uniform requirements for attending the Basic Reserve/Intermittent training class?

Yes.  Information to follow for the minimum uniform requirements.

Please note that at NO TIME are firearms or weapons allowed on Sheriff’s Department grounds.   BACK

Q. What should I wear for clothing the first night of training?

All student officers are required to be in the academy uniform.   Uniforms are expected to be neatly pressed and boots should be clean and shined.  Uniform changes beyond the first class will be at the discretion of the class Program Manager. BACK

Q. Where are the classes held at the HCSD?

The classes are held in the Outer-administration building at the Ludlow Campus.  The address is 627 Randall Road, Ludlow, MA 01056 BACK

Google Maps:  https://goo.gl/maps/wvVvc2CGUZt

Q. Where do I park my vehicle while on the HCLETC Campus?

One thing that sets apart the Hampden County Law Enforcement Training Center is the ample parking and Multi-purpose gymnasium for Defensive Tactics training.  You can park in the public parking area that is not restricted.  Please do not park in restricted areas where a reserved parking sign is placed. BACK

Beginning the Basic Reserve/Intermittent Training:

Q. What time does the first class begin?

On Monday and Wednesday evenings, the first class begins at 6:00pm.  Saturday classes begin at 8:00am.   BACK

Q. What time do classes start after the first day?

  • Monday and Wednesday classes begin at 6:00 pm and end at 10:00 pm
  • Saturday’s first class begins at 8:00 am and ends at 12:00 pm
  • Saturday’s second class begins at 1:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm
  • Note: some classes may start later or end earlier, depending on schedule – also if classes are cancelled, they may be re-scheduled on Tuesday or Thursday nights.  BACK

Q. How many hours is the Basic Reserve/Intermittent Training?

The Basic Reserve/Intermittent training class is a combination of classroom, practical training, Firearms and First Responder certification, and testing for a combined total of 392 1/2 hours of training. In addition there is some work that must be completed outside of the Academy.   BACK

Q. Am I required to attend all classes?

It is highly recommended that all classes are attended.  You are allowed to miss three (3) sessions.  Keep in mind that Saturday classes count as two (2) sessions.  There are mandatory classes and no certification will be given until all requirements have been met.  This includes attending the minimum amount of classes, passing all written / practical tests and attending all required classes.   BACK

Q. How will I know if classes are cancelled?

If classes are cancelled due to weather conditions all the local television channels will have this information.  This information will also be indicated on this website.   BACK

Q. What additional equipment will be needed for the training?

There is training in defensive tactics & motor vehicle stops.  For this training you will need the equipment utilized by your sponsoring agency. Specifics will be covered the first night of class.   BACK

Q. Will I receive a certificate of completion for this training?

Yes.  Once all course requirements are met then you will receive a certificate from the Municipal Police Training Committee.   BACK


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