Pre-Release Center (PRC)

The Hampden County Pre-Release Center is a residential facility, which focuses on work, education, and treatment programs for residents.  Simultaneously, we promote resident accountability and we consider public safety a priority.  The goal of the program is the successful reintegration of residents back into the community.  We expect the residents during their stay here to address the criminal factors, which brought them into the correctional center in the first place.

Pre-Release holds that we are a critical gateway for our residents into many facets of their lives.  These facets include Recovery for Addictive Disorders, Stability in both Health and Mental Health Illnesses, Re-Unification efforts with family as well as with established social contacts, and Re-joining the workforce.  Many residents will be holding down a job for the first time in their lives.  Also, our employment, job search component has heightened the need for in-house programming that identifies residents potential for various employment opportunities.

Many of our residents who are nearing sentence expiration are looking for specific training opportunities, which will foster a long-term career in a specific field.  For many, this desire for a career has not been approachable due to lack of education, resources, and understanding of how to access the opportunity for success.  Another important area of our treatment is education.  Pre-Release is building a strong program structure, which will promote completion of a resident’s educational advancements.  We maintain that this energy will empower the residents to move forward towards other opportunities with higher learning extensions.

Program development at the Pre-Release Center is structured to identify and to service the many needs of our residents.  Programming is offered as a tool to which a resident can build and strengthen their potential and move forward into socially acceptable lifestyles, both while at Pre-Release followed by successfully completing their incarceration mandate.  Thus, Pre-Release programming strongly encourages residents to become self-focused, self-driven, and motivated to work daily on making choices that will lessen the risk of re-offending by returning to prior socially deviant lifestyles.  All successful transitions are solely based on the focus and sincere energy and accountability each resident invests in themselves.  Pre-Release offers support and guidance in programs that are valuable tools the residents can use to promote solid potential for advancement into personal wellness.

We have partnered up with the Main Institution regarding treatment programs.  The foundation is set with an excellent objective classification system that brings appropriate candidates to the Pre-Release Center.  Our continued efforts have cultivated and have built a better communication, awareness, and understanding of both our treatment programs.  As a whole programmatically, Pre-Release has developed extension programs specific to the resident’s level of incarceration.  We have a strong emphasis and focus on pre-release status preparation with opportunities that channel into re-entry initiatives.  This focus on continuity of programming has deepened our sensitivity as we prepare residents for release.

The programming component is essentially linked to the security aspect of the center.  This multiple-disciplinary approach works in order to carry out the mission of the Minimum / Pre-Release Facility.  The security team provides accountability and helps instill successful life skills, which foster structure and healthy work habits.  The security staff is present at all stages of the resident’s movement through the facility.  From the care and custody role, to community service, as well as movement to work release and employment; representatives of the security team are present every step of the way.

Our focus on work, education, and treatment programming for the residents are the core principles to the Pre-Release Center.  The program’s accomplishments are a direct result of all staff working towards the goals of the Minimum / Pre-Release Center. Pre-Release Center

Mandera Alabama Street, Ludlow, Ma. 

To get to the Pre-Release Center, drive to 726 Randall Road (Main Institution) and turn left before entering the main parking lot. Follow the road to the right and you will find PRC on your right. GPS directions tend to drop folks on the wrong side of a perimeter fence.